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Leather helmet Marilyn

Quick Overview

To start, we want to commend you on your adventurous spirit. We’ve logged quite a few hard-earned stamps in our own passports, and we still feel soulfully connected to some of our favorite locales around the globe.

Back to those passports – they’re the guest of honor in our classic line of top-notch government document holders. The new Horween Leather Passport Wallet by E3 Supply Co. is crafted from 4 oz Light Natural Chromexcel Leather and is hand stitched to ensure ages of solid daily use. It's sized to fit in most pants back pockets while offering a ton of storage space and functionality.

It’s also perfectly sized to sport a Scout Notebook for those adventures that don’t require crossing country lines but are still absolutely worth writing about.

Holds 1 Passport or Scout Notebook (included), Cash, Receipts, and up to 8 Credit Cards.

We source our leather from The Horween Leather Company, a Chicago-based cornerstone that has offered unparalleled quality since 1905. The Chromexcel leather used to make our products is infused with an oil and wax blend that results in an extremely soft and durable leather. 

Handmade in very small quantities in New York City.

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